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The sales excellence suite offers "hands-on" certificate programs to equip your salespeople and sales leaders with relevant and innovative selling frameworks by drawing from award-winning academic faculty and executive leadership in Clemson's sales program.

The certification program is comprised of 3 four-week long courses customized for each phase in the evolution of sales force careers.

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These courses can be taken one at a time or in sequence.

Customized Programs

For organizations wanting a more tailored approach, all courses in the program can be designed specifically to your selling context and market segments. Beginning with interviews of your key sales force stakeholders, we can design and schedule customized delivery options for any of these three courses.

Fundamentals of Selling

Students completing the certificate will learn a comprehensive sales process framework focused on building customer partnerships and driving performance. Graduates will be comfortable in building trust, developing a unique questioning strategy, delivering persuasive presentations, and closing business. Intended for new and early-career salespeople, this class focuses on accelerating salesperson ramp-up time and efficiently improving their performance.

(4 sessions during October 2018. See schedule.)

Strategic Value Selling

The takeaways from the course help students understand how to quantify their firm’s differentiated value for each unique customer. The course will also offer practical coaching and tools to help lead the adoption of this best practice across their own organization. As a result, students completing the certificate can enable their entire sales organization to convey a compelling, value-focused sales message. This course is designed for B2B marketing and sales employees as well as managers who have responsibility over sales force effectiveness inside their organizations.

(4 sessions during November 2018. See schedule.)

Sales Leadership

Every organization must continually develop tomorrow's leaders. The sales leadership certificate course is designed to equip future and new sales leaders with the diverse skill set needed to be successful in this challenging role. Upon finishing the course, graduates will leave with a time management agenda, improved communication and coaching ability for motivating salespeople, and an implementation plan for strategic execution of their own objectives. This course helps future and early-career B2B sales leaders and managers who have direct responsibility over the performance of salespeople inside their organizations.

(4 sessions during January 2019. See schedule.)

Dave Hooker

Dave Hooker

Dave is an adjunct professor in the Clemson MBA program and oversees corporate relations for Clemson’s Downtown One location. With over 30 years of experience in sales force leadership, Dave has managed and led all ranges of sales teams across the United States. His personal experience in leading a value selling organization provides unique and actionable guidance for leaders enrolled in the course.

Ryan Mullins

Ryan Mullins

Ryan is an associate professor of Marketing at Clemson specializing in research related to sales force performance. Ryan’s work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Industrial Marketing Management, and the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. Ryan's research has also received great acclaim across the field including the SEF/Neil Rackham Research Grant, James M. Comer Award for Best Contribution to Sales Theory, the AMA Excellence in Sales Research Award, as well as other distinguished awards. As part of Clemson’s Sales Program, Ryan bridges the gap between students, research, and practice through consulting work on relevant sales force issues in industry.


Price: $1,000

(Group rates are available for groups of 7 or more featuring a customized program. Please use the contact form below for group rate information.)

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Strategic Value Selling
Session 111/6/2018
Session 211/13/2018
Session 311/20/2018
Session 411/27/2018
Sales Leadership
Session 11/8/2019
Session 21/15/2019
Session 31/22/2019
Session 41/29/2019
Fundamentals of Selling
Session 12/5/2019
Session 22/12/2019
Session 32/19/2019
Session 42/26/2019

Sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm at the Clemson University downtown Greenville location.

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