Lean Transformation

Create better sustainable processes through behavior change

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Every organization is a collection of processes with unique challenges. Some processes work and others do not. The problem is discovering which processes don’t work. Lean Transformation gives us the tools to discover the broken processes and create better sustainable processes through behavior change.

Transform Your Organization

Learn how to implement Lean Transformation within your organization. In this four day workshop, followed by a 90 day mentorship, you will master the tools necessary for your organization’s development required to support effective, sustainable change. You will apply the principles and practices in a real-world project within your organization with “learning-by doing” support from the program’s coaches. Your project will provide practical applications for implementing Lean Transformation that will result in measureable performance improvements within your organization. Participants will present their project results at a final team reception.

4-Day Workshop, 90-Day Project

The participants will be given selected readings and assignments for “pre-workshop” preparation that includes an organizational questionnaire of major services, key metrics and current performance issues. The four day seminar-style workshop will introduce the tools, methods and principles necessary for Lean Transformation that lead to a real life Lean Transformation project within their organization. The participant will be provided expert coaching throughout the project, which includes six one-on one coaching sessions over the 90-day project period, and six one-on-one coaching sessions to be assigned within 90 days of workshop.


Day 1: Introduction, Lean Transformation, Operational Excellence, Simulation
Day 2: “People Tools for Change” with Kathy Kegley and Gail DePriest
Day 3: Seven Quality Tools, Root Cause Problem Solving, DMAIC Methodology
Day 4: Collaborative Organizations for Lean Transformation, Defining Excellent Processes

Topics to be Covered

  • Organization Principles for Operational Excellence
  • Process Design for Operational Excellence
  • Quality Tools and Performance Measurement
  • Team Development
  • Defining and Satisfying Customers
  • Operational Excellence Simulation Game
  • Leadership Development (Focus on Gemba)
  • DMAIC Project Approach
  • Process and Performance Transparency
  • Change Management
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Transformational Leadership

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