About the Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning

Virtually every industry is evolving rapidly, with an expanding global marketplace and increased competition. Today, more than ever, the business world needs real leaders.

Where leaders come to succeed

The corporate business environment is complex. Change, evolution, and adaption are the keys to corporate success in today's dynamic workplace. CCL creates and develops continuing, professional, and executive education programs designed to improve your leadership skills and help you successfully navigate business success—for your company and your career.

State-of-the-art faculties and curriculum

Clemson University has a long history of innovation. That is certainly evidenced in our approach to the Center for Corporate Learning. Our sleek, modern, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs are designed to facilitate higher learning and growth in an atmosphere that is collaborative and accessible. We offer a dynamic, hands-on, intensive approach that is not only conducive to learning—but also to taking executives to the next level of leadership development.

Our Staff

Nan Johnston

(864) 656-0677

Leads business development efforts for clients and corporate partners. Responsible for product development, client relationships, corporate partnerships and training planning and development.

Juanita Durham

Fiscal Technician
(864) 656-3984

Responsible for accounting, payroll and personnel record keeping.